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BAC Calculator

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Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

BAC Calculator

Sex: Male Female Your Weight:
Number of Drinks: Type of Drink:
Hours Consuming Drinks:


Your BAC % is:

Alcohol Percentage:

  • LIGHT BEER: 3.0 percent
  • BEER: 3.5 percent
  • BEER - MICROBREW: 6.0 percent
  • WINE: 12-18 percent
  • CHAMPAGNE: 15-20 percent
  • SHOT HARD ALCOHOL: 30-50 percent

Ounces Consumed:

  • ONE BEER: 12 ounces
  • ONE SHOT: 1.5 ounces
  • ONE MIXED DRINK: 2 ounces (alcohol only)
  • ONE DRY MARTINI: 2 ounces (alcohol only)

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) refers to the level of alcohol in a person's bloodstream. When you submit to a breath test, you agree to allow the administrator of that test to measure your BAC. The BAC of two people who consume the same amount of alcohol over the same time period may have vastly different results due to height, weight, body fat, sex and whether or not the alcohol was consumed on an empty stomach. A breath test is not a foolproof method of determining BAC. You may have questions about the reading you produced with regard to the alcohol consumption that led up to it. Simply input your information below, and this calculator will give you a ballpark reading of what your BAC should have been in a particular circumstance.

This tool is not intended to be used as a determinant for an individual's ability to drive or perform tasks following consumption of alcohol or drugs.

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Know Your Limits

This Blood Alcohol Calculator is a rough estimate and is not intended to provide actual legal advice.  The results should not be used to infer anyone's ability to drive or perform any task while under the influence of Alcohol.

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